I work pretty much with simple symbols. Things that are around us, connected with our human daily life and that works as universal visual language (human figures, part of bodies, hybrid animals, house, sun, moon, islands). That subjects melted with a crude technique that could go to a naif place. It resembles a lot to something between childish and primitive, and most of all brings to the drawing the means of learning and desire of representation. I will never think like a child, but I try to create exercises and rules in my process to search for unexpected situations, shapes and scenarios, giving to the material a lot of space to show tracks and solutions, and may in the end turning them into the main subject of the artwork. 
I do have the incessant necessity of bringing the human figure in some how. Sometimes more diluted, sometimes more explicit. Every piece is a struggle to understand which face deserves to stay, and which as to disappear. Every piece give resolutions and projections for future pieces. 
I give a lot of space to myself to find them in abstract events on the canvas, and to these events guide my process. A lot of clues of what could be highlighted as an eye shape, a nose line or a month stain. I am really attracted of this borderline between figurative and abstract and how a few marks can transform everything and be a face figure. Many times the bottonline of the piece is just an excuse to find these sudden forms. Always trying to balance with layer interferences and materials. 
In a way, constructing a painting is like puzzle. It is a trying to build a narrative, but always throwing an isolated figure in the middle that interrupts this narrative. These random figures can be catchy or funny, or completely misplaced from the context.
In the end I do feel like a child, doing wrong or doing right, I am maybe just talking about life or just to be alive. 
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